If you're looking for a non-nonsense workout that gets results, Lakeway Elite Fitness is the place to go. Harry is a terrific trainer! He always greets you with a smile, and you have no choice but to have a good time in his classes. Don't get me wrong, though--You're there to sweat!

What's also great about Harry¹s classes is that they¹re for everyone. He¹s very much aware that his trainees have different thresholds, and his classes are designed to challenge you as an individual. I personally like doing a combination of Core classes and Krav Maga. The Core classes keep me in "crazy-good" shape without getting bored. (I have yet to go to a class where we are doing the same routine twice.) Krav Maga is my "all around" workout because not only do I get to interact with other people and challenge my body, but I also get to challenge my mind. (Not to mention that now I can walk alone at night without being in fear.) Krav Maga really works. And, let¹s face it, after a frustrating day at work there is nothing better than having the opportunity to kick the crap out of a punching bag!

Harry's classes have really made a difference for me in all respects: My endurance, fitness, and confidence have constantly increased over the two years I¹ve been training with him. I¹m still having fun at it! Keep up the awesome work, Harry!

Francine W.,