lizbiopicI want to be fit for life. In every sense of those words, I want to be fit for the rest of my life and I want to be fit enough to handle whatever life brings my way!

Four years ago, I was pretty par for the course… Plain Vanilla Jane. I was wife, mom to 3, and a full time corporate employee. My physique was a little chunky, but hey, a decent size 8 after 3 kids. I was pretty proud of that! But, I was not showing up to any beach or pool parties in a swim suit (much less a bikini!) I was quickly approaching 40, and after 3 kids, seriously, how much can I expect of my figure at this point in my life?! My story was about the same as many other women. I was always on a diet trying to watch what I ate, always exhausted… too tired to exercise (heck, no TIME to exercise!) So, I decided to start running… 2 years later… 7 major events, including a full marathon... I was STILL always on a diet, STILL exhausted (perhaps more so), SICK of running mile after mile and WORST of all… STILL FAT and very dissatisfied with my physique even with all the hours and hard work of my run schedule!

Growing up, I was active. Home for me was 150 acre farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This by default meant an active lifestyle, as there was much to do to maintain a farm. Though, athletically speaking, my experience was limited. My local school was small and offered very little for girls in sports, and team sports were never much interest to me the way individual ones were so I grew up riding horses and competed locally and at a few state and national events. However, I was and still am a competitive spirit. I hold a great appreciation for the physically fit and the athletically gifted but my place was always on the sidelines or the spectator’s bench.

THEN, I discovered CrossFit! I was immediately hooked. The results came fast and furious. I lost inches and pounds rapidly, I added muscle and definition and within 90 days I felt and looked entirely different. But, it didn’t stop there (and it hasn’t stopped yet). I am nearly 42. I can do more things now than I ever dreamed that I could do… my body works in EVERY way that I want it to! I can run, swim and bike for as long as I want to, I can do pull-ups, I can climb a rope, I can lift weight loads that I thought only men could do, I learned how to skateboard and love to play with my kids on my own rip stick…and best of all, I can rock a tiny bikini better than most teenagers!
Having these results does not mean that I work out 2 or 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am a busy person so my efforts towards my own fitness have been on and off as I try to work it all in... (Husband, kids, work, home, life… you know what I mean.) Sometimes weeks or months might go by without a single WOD, but that’s ok. After all, I’m not a professional athlete! The lessons that I have learned in physical fitness and nutrition have enabled me to stay fit and healthy even though my life got busy. Perhaps the BIGGEST lesson in all of this is I have learned that fitness (when done properly) does not have to consume your lifestyle… only enhance it.

I believe that ANYONE can achieve what I have, and it is my hope to share my knowledge with my family, friends and community.