I started my athletic career in middle school where I participated in Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track and Field. I continued those sports through high school also picking up Foot Ball as well as Cross Country Mountain Biking during my senior year. Coming out of high school I did a year at San Francisco State University while taking a break from sports but continually working out on my own time. Shortly after that I joined the Marine Corps in November 2010.

In the Military is where I found my love for CrossFit. I was a Reconnaissance Marine and we did exhaustive fieldwork. We would have to go on long missions carrying a ruck of 80lb through all types of terrain. Sometimes we’d have to swim with that ruck to shore in the middle of the night. There was never a mission where we truly new what we were going to encounter. Thus enters CrossFit. I fell in love with CrossFit because it was the only thing that truly was able to prepare me for the rigors of the unknown that await me on missions. Our community focused heavily on strong swimming, distance runs/rucks and strength. And we often combined them into one workout making some hard days to prepare us for the unknown.

I got out of the military November 2014 and moved out here to Austin, Texas to be close to my family and to go back to College for Nutrition. I had always wanted to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and after getting out I finally did April 2015. I love being able to help people with CrossFit because like me, I want them to be prepared for what ever life challenges them with both physically and mentally.